We engage with businesses and organisations to ignite and enable the shift to sustainable progress.

Our Approach

Our approach is based on the principles of circular economy

Resource Effectiveness

We live in a resource challenged world, that is constantly evolving and growing. As the world progresses towards becoming more populous and urbanised, the demand for natural resources is only rising.

Resource scarcity has been a cause of concern for businesses and governments alike. The current rates of consumption has put natural resources like fresh water, minerals and land under severe pressure. As the demand for these resources will rise over the years, the supply will be strained and finite. While this is the truth of the matter, it is also true that there is immense potential in exploring alternatives, such as other natural resources, substitutes and greater efficiencies.

We help organisations progress towards resource effectiveness, explore alternatives to conventional materials and advance towards regenerative models of production and consumption. Our partnership with the Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute is key to our work towards making this happen.


Economic Happiness

Business as we know it is changing. However, we live in a world where the intent to choose sustainability in every action is not enough. There is a huge gap in terms of economic viability of certain sustainable choices and the enquiry into alternate models of growth.

The decisions we take everyday individually and collectively are rarely sustainable. They may satisfy a current want and be economically viable, while compromising hugely on the sustainability quotient. That’s also because a lot of the time, sustainable choices are not economically viable. Today, the intent to make sustainable decisions is not enough to make the change.

We work towards reducing this imbalance by exploring the boundaries of economics, reason and bridging the resource crunch. We engage with businesses and organisations to implement solutions that are financially rewarding and integrate sustainability in their core vision and strategy. We guide business leaders on innovation and envisioning process and business model changes that create social and environmental value.


Tech for Change

Technology is an enabler and a huge scaling agent. It has indeed made the world a smaller place. From city-level dashboards to tracking resource patterns, today, technology is able to sizeably reduce the otherwise large impacts on environment and society. There have been rapid strides in technology in the recent times, weather it is smart homes created through IoTs and sensors or cell phone technology which we believe will be key to create behaviour change in consumers. Technology allows for a wider impact and enables measurability.

We engage with clients to push boundaries and action technology for social and environmental progress. We help organisations also gain from technology adoption when it comes to the scale of change they need to measure, monitor and manage.

Stakeholder Engagement

Collective and individual decisions are shaping the environment around us. Organisations across the world are understanding that stakeholder engagement is much more than CSR and happy employees. Effective stakeholder engagement is known to builds resilience and minimises risk in an organisation.

We help organisations adapt to the potential risks and opportunities of climate change. This would start by enabling the shift from a tactical short term approach to one with a long term focus in terms of planning and strategy. With the willingness to engage in adaptation planning, comes the process of understanding own vulnerabilities to climate change and how they can responsibly develop working solutions.